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My favorite pizza anywhere!!

My favorite pizza anywhere!!! I frequently order the Chicken Wing pizza (Or sub sometimes) and it is by far my favorite anywhere. They add no bleu cheese to the recipe (but you can get it on the side) which is a major plus to me cause I hate that stuff. I also love the Pulled Pork pizza, so delicious. The wait may be a little long if you want something special (15 minutes for a full pizza isn't that long really) but the product is so excellent, it's worth it. And if you come in during lunch they usually have all the wild specialty pizza ready by the slice anyway. Also, I recommend both the garlic knots and cinnamon knots, but they are better as a dine in option cause they taste best FRESH!!! Rico's Pizza NYS in Corning, NY on August 1, 2010 via Myke Corwin on Facebook.

When delivery chains just can't cut it

When delivery chains just can't cut it, and you want a savory pizza loaded with great toppings, Rico's ably satisfies your craving. New York-style pies are the specialty, and from the looks of folks inside, the place does things right — as it has since 1985. Create your own pizza, or sample the Mexican, Veggie, Bacon Cheeseburger, Texas BBQ, or Chicken Cordon Blue. You can also get calzones, strombolis, appetizers, salads, subs, and pizza by the slice. Beer and wine available. via 10best

Definitely worth trying

Not only is the food fresh and prepared by people that understand pizza, the employees obviously enjoy working there, and that is a true sign of a good restaurant. The prices are reasonable and the environment is inviting! Definitely worth trying. Rico's Pizza NYS in Corning, NY on August 11, 2010 via Andrew Ma on Facebook.


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